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This was a recent news headline: "Thousands protest Kinder Morgan Pipeline Proposal". You could take Kinder Morgan out of that headline and replace it with any oil or gas project and it is s ll accurate. People who are against the oil and gas industry are very vocal. Those of us in favour need to be just as vocal. Our communi es and our economy depend on it. We know Vancouver Island receives several shipments of petroleum product by barge a month to heat their buildings but no one protests that. So, people will protest tankers but not barges? We know that other goods, like sulphur, caus c soda and even sugar, being shipped in and out of BC ports pose a risk to the environment but no one protests that. We know that more petroleum product is leaked at gas pumps than through our pipelines but no one protests that. We know that if our main trading partner no longer wants our product it will be devasta ng to our Canadian economy but no one protests that. A recent Ipsos Reid poll showed 42% of Canadians support responsible resource development while only 26% are opposed (the remaining were disengaged). However, that 26% is much louder than the 42%. The economic prosperity of BC and the prosperity of our social infrastructure is directly linked to the health of the oil and gas industry. It is not selfish to want a sustainable community for our residents, children and grandchildren and that is a goal we all share. We have the ability and the responsibility to protect and promote our loved ones and our community. Let's stand together and say YES. Be heard. Don't let the forces of NO be the only voice. Lori Ackerman, Mayor, Fort St. John – The Energe c City CANADA safely imports 634,000 barrels of crude oil everyday BY OCEAN TANKER RAILWAYS ARE 4X MORE LIKELY TO HAVE A TRANSPORTATION 'INCIDENT' THAN PIPELINES Hey BC! If you are in favour of a strong economy, jobs, and clean energy – SPEAK UP! BC Oil & Gas Commission regulates over 43,000 km of pipeline In 2015 the BC government received $949 million in revenue from the oil and gas industry Opponents to industry are 3x more likely to speak out than supporters smart Dear BC Ci zens,

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