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62 J U N E / J U L Y 2 0 1 9 MININGWORLD DataCloud opens Vancouver office to serve the mining industry by Kathrine Moore DataCloud, founded in 2016, recently announced the opening of an office in Vancouver, British Columbia. DataCloud is a mining technology company that uses Internet of Things (IoT) and edge comput - ing devices to measure rock properties while drilling blast holes. This informa- tion is then streamed to the cloud, where proprietary geoscience algorithms and machine learning techniques are used to generate a high-resolution, real-time image of the recently drilled pattern. This information is used by clients to increase production, improve resource recovery, and lower costs. The company stated in an April announcement, "To accommodate our growing demand in the region, we've opened a Burrard Street office location in downtown Vancouver. Mining is a large part of the Canadian economy and many industry participants based in Vancouver. DataCloud embraces this area as a min - ing hub. Being located close to our British Columbia-based clients will result in seamless service delivery, which will help our customers increase production while reducing costs." Mining companies are early adopters and exploiters of technological innova - tion employing robots, drones, sensors, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles and digital cameras and sensors. The resource industry produces a huge amount of data. It's no small challenge to interpret mountains of data and to recog - nize and present the important information in a digestible way. DataCloud explains that its rock mass evaluation Platform "measures and deliv- ers subsurface properties required to significantly enhance orebody under- standing during drill and blast (D&B) operations." The Platform uses "advanced, real- time, digital technologies such as IoT sensor systems, edge devices, cloud com - puting, geostatistical algorithms, machine learning, and high-resolution subsurface visualization" to collect and process data. Clients can access the information using DataCloud's Platform software or it can be imported directly into clients' block mod - els or exported to another database. The company states, that "this data feeds into your workflow seamlessly, cre- ating real-time, actionable insights that dramatically improve performance during D&B operations." DataCloud has a team of experi- enced experts in the geosciences, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Chief Executive, Thor Kallestad, said, "DataCloud is the only provider of the real-time, high-resolution rock mass char - acterization needed to create a step-change improvement in the mining industry's operating performance. We've combined geoscience expertise with a user-friendly rock mass evaluation platform that pro - vides valuable subsurface insights and significant productivity improvements." DataCloud also has offices in Palo Alto, Seattle, and Australia. n Images courtesy of Data Cloud.

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